Tapete de retalhos de malha

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Aprenda como fazer Tapete de retalhos de malha passo a passo.

INSCREVA-SE! http://bit.ly/Y0Duco Aproveite blusas velhas de malha ou retalhos, para fazer tapetes e almofadas. Subtitles: MATERIAL: - Pieces of cotton or t-shirts used - First timber chassis - Small nails - Sewing thread, needle and pins - Scissors small fine tip - Pen 1 - Cut the cotton fabric into strips about 3cm by 10cm 2 - Lay the cotton without stretching the chassis and secure with small nails. 3 - Risque limits part 4 - Check points 1 in approximately 1cm 5 - Prick each brand with the scissors 6 - Pass the cotton through the holes and knot loosely 7 - Choose the format and create a patterned

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